Fidget Chicks – Bringing Smiles to Dementia Patients

Written By: Li Cross

The “Fidget Chicks” are a group of ladies in Granbury, Texas who get together once a week and share gadgets, place mats and ideas for Sensory Mats for Dementia Patients.  They load up their totes and then go home and sew Fidget Mats at their leisure. Some make one mat a week, and some make 8 or 10. Then they bring the mats to the next meeting and marvel at the works. These wonderful Fidget Mats are then tested for quality control and packaged for delivery. We deliver packs of 10 Fidget Mats to each of many local Nursing Homes each month. The Fidget Chicks have donated over 2,500 Hand-Made Fidget Mats to Nursing Homes across North Texas.

Li Cross – Founder, Started making Fidget Mats after her father’s passing from Alzheimer’s. “The smiles, and the joy these mats bring to a patient make it all worth while”. Pictured here is a sweet lady at Granbury’s “Cove at Waterview” Memory Care. Each Fidget Mat begins with a cloth place mat. We then add items such as zippers, buttons, elastic, small dolls, and just about anything that can be attached to the mat. We put a cross on every mat to remind them of their faith. There is a Donation Box at the PAC (Pecan Activity Center) where local residents drop off dozens of place mats and bags of gadgets each week to help with this wonderful mission. Cash donations are also accepted for the purchase of labels, packaging materials and mats. There are now Groups of Fidget Mat makers popping up all over the place. A woman from Oregon was visiting Texas when she saw my demonstration. She went home and started her own Fidget Group. There are now 3 groups I am aware of in the Ft Worth area. My mission is to have Fidget Chick groups all over the Nation serving the Nursing Homes in their local towns. We have a facebook page is you would like to follow us. Fidget Chicks – Granbury Texas. 


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Li Cross – Founder

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